PentaBIDS ®

It is the 3rd Generation Auctions and ecommerce platform specialized that allows a two-way interaction between the Auctioneer and the Bidders. In addition to all the functionalities inherent to a Virtual Store.

Easy to use
Developed with a particular focus on ease of use and access to information, For PC and mobile devices. Speed ​​on processing time and display of information.
Scalable and Robust
Focused for extensive use, considering businesses with low or very high data requirements and user connections without degrading the performance of the platform.
100% Adapted to your Business
Modular and customizable, allowing you to set the platform to your Business. And if desired or necessary, possibility of developing new functionalities and requirements.

Virtual Store - Direct Sales

Including all Virtual Store features.
Inventory Publish Catalogue Taxes and fees Charge and Delivery of Products Featured Products Categories Notifications Reception and Reversals Customer Ratins
All processes associated with the sale are covered under the Virtual Store modality
Each process can be developed by each user according to their access profile

Virtual Store - Auctions

Specially designed and developed for handling auctions with a high volume of transactions.
Dutch English Japanese (soon!!)
Closing By Time Manual Closing (Auctions On Room ) Close By Count 1-2-3
Single Execution Sequential Execution
Auction Types
- English Auction
- Dutch-Reverse Auction
- Japanese Auction (Soon!!)
Types of Execution-Closing
- By Time
- By Counting 1-2-3 Automatic
- Manual (Special for Auctions on Room )

The perfect Solution for your Auction House or Ecommerce

  PentaBIDS® is the perfect product for your Auction Process or Ecommerce Store, developed under a flexible and scalable scheme that allows you to model any type of business.  


Adaptable to Your Business
PentaBIDS® is designed to adapt to any type of business through modules that allow it to be adjusted, from a sale of consumable items to more specific topics such as collectibles. Additionally, new modules and functionalities can be developed that allow adapting to existing business processes, always seeking to improve efficiency and productivity.
Integral solution
On PPSI Systems we offer a comprehensive solution that cam be equipment, services, licensing, development and post-production monitoring. With us you will have everything you need to efficiently launch your PentaBIDS® ecommerce technology solution, without worrying about hosting, licensing, or configurations.
Follow-up - Updates
We know that technologies change, improve, as well as the business evolves and improves. Knowing it our platform adapts and adopts new technologies to improve the services it covers and thus be more efficient, and gradually adjust to the new business demands. On PPSI Systems we are constantly improving our system based on feedback from our customers and technological advances.

PentaBIDS® Fits Every Business

  Proof of this are the different clients who have trusted the platform to take their business to the next level.  


On Sistemas PPSI, we develop comprehensive solutions, covering everything necessary for the perfect functioning of your business. We focus on the technology requirements, so that you focus on the core of your business and obtain the necessary momentum to reach 100% of your potential.

All our products and services are guaranteed

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